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Temporarily CLOSED for COVID-19

Copy of COVID-19Dear Clients,

Despite posting to Facebook Friday that I would be continuing to practice in the wake of the coronavirus’s arrival in our area, I’ve come to the decision to close my doors until April 1st or until further notice. This is effective immediately.

It was difficult arriving at this decision as I know many of you have been hoping to receive massage during this stressful time. I also enjoy what I do and would love to keep working. At first I was sure that the best practices for cleanliness and sanitization that I have always maintained would be sufficient, but since we now know this virus can be passed on by people who aren’t exhibiting any symptoms, I simply can’t justify putting you at risk. So, in light of the seriousness of this virus and how little we know about how it spreads, I’ve determined the the best course of action I can take to protect my clients is to cease practicing until I’m confident it’s safe to resume.

If you’re already on my schedule these next couple of weeks, I’ll reach out to you directly as you’ll have first priority for rescheduling once business resumes. I’ll be sure to send updates via email and social media as the situation develops. If you would like to request a spot on my waiting list or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or text me at 615.838.8532.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. It isn’t just important to stay home and wash your hands, it’s also vital to practice self-care and to protect your mental health. Say tuned to this page as I plan to share tips and methods that I find helpful. We may not be able to get you in on my table, but let’s make sure you’re well taken care of at home.

All my best,

Kayleigh Gregg

Owner, LMT


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