prenatal & postpartum bodywork

Kayleigh Gregg, LMT

Kayleigh has been practicing massage therapy for 15 years (licensed by the Tennessee Department of Health since 2006). Her interest in prenatal massage began before her career even took off. She was fascinated by prenatal bodywork during the specialized classes she completed during massage school and dreamt of starting a private practice where she could work exclusively with expectant mothers and new moms.

Over the first eight years of her career, she worked at various massage studios, clinics, and spas in the Nashville area. On the way, she’s helped many mothers-to-be find comfort during their pregnancies. Gathering extensive continuing education hours in prenatal massage, she’s knowledgable as well as passionate about her specialty. All the while, her dream for starting her own business was gestating in her heart and mind. Now, she’s happy to be able to say that mamassage has been open for 8 years!

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