prenatal & postpartum bodywork

postnatal massage


• speeds healing
• assists in recovery from pregnancy, childbirth, and c-section
• promotes tissue regeneration, reducing scar muslim-mamatissue and stretch marks
• regulates hormones
• reduces stress, anxiety, and postpartum depression
• reduces headaches
• relieves pain
• reduces post delivery swelling
• reduces pain
• reduces fatigue
• improves sleep
• increases milk production
• improves lactation

what to expect:

Every woman is one of a kind, and no delivery is the same. Therefore, a thorough intake will be completed with you prior to your session so Kayleigh is familiar with your pregnancy, birth, health, and concerns. She will then customize the massage to your individual needs. Your comfort and security are of the utmost importance. To ensure you can truly relax, there are an array of cushions, wedges, and pillows available to support you laying on your side if you aren’t yet comfortable laying on your stomach. Using draping techniques specialized to these positions, you can rest assured you’ll be properly covered at all times except for the area receiving treatment. Towels and supportive cushions are available for nursing mothers to ensure comfort and security.


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