prenatal & postpartum bodywork


“I am not the sort of person that has a massage budget. Consequently, I’m also not the sort of person that has a favored massage therapist. 

Pregnancy has changed that.

Creating another human left me with daily unbearable back pain, and I was desperate for relief. I went to Kayleigh, and she really did an amazing job.

Kayleigh has all the equipment for prenatal massage. She had an array of differently shaped foam blocks that she used to position me comfortably, even when I was just lying on my side. She started me on my left, then flipped me to my right, then ended with me on my back, with two large triangular foam blocks behind my back and under my legs, so that I was in very comfortable V position. Then she put a warm compress beneath my neck and a cool mask over my eyes. I felt so pampered! This wasn’t my first prenatal massage, but it was my first time with a massage therapist that knew what to do with a pregnant woman.” 

~ Paige ~


“I have had back concerns for the better half of my adult life. This includes spraining my back and having a herniated disc. So naturally, when I became pregnant, I was aware this may exacerbate my back issues. I was so thankful when I found mamassage on Google. I am 29 weeks pregnant and have begun experiencing sciatic pain as well as general back ache. Furthermore, I carry stress in my back. Kayleigh was receptive to my needs. I require a lot of pressure, which she was able to apply seamlessly. She created a relaxing atmosphere that was very comfortable for me. She also provided a body pillow and foam wedges to place behind my back and under my legs to take pressure off of hot spots. I left my massage with a content smile, ready for a nap.”

~ Marcie ~

One comment on “testimonials

  1. Aura
    April 12, 2016

    I had my prenatal massage and it was great. very quiet and relaxing atmosphere. very pretty. Totally recommended.

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